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About Me

Melvin E. Bellinger II

The short of it is that I am an aspiring artist who one may consider, more relatively speaking, a concept artist. Growing up, I have always had a knack for drawing, whether it be with crayon, marker, pen, colored pencil, or good old-fashion lead pencil. Throughout the years I have become acquainted with painting, sculpture, printing, and digital mediums such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya, however I have never lost the taste for pencil and paper.

As an artist, I have always had my own perspective of the world with all its comings and goings, that have often collided with the belief systems of the common individual. I was never much one for extensive chit chat, looking up to others as idols, role models, or absorbing the ideas of others as inspiration for my own thoughts. Instead I usually kept my thoughts, elaborate as they were, to myself and only communicated them either through writing or, as one might expect, through artwork.

My imagination has, at most any time in my life, proven to be bitterly set apart from what individuals of the art world value as a concrete basis of inspiration, as they look always to the old and new masters for guidance. For someone such as myself on the other hand, I respected such figures but that was never enough. I realized that I could never be satisfied with being fed from someone else’s plate, when I had so much on my plate already. With this in mind, I set out to craft my own world with its own story, mind you, not to compete against other artists or prove myself to the world, but simply because I had an everlasting source of inspiration inside of me already – one that did not require being spoon-fed by someone who had already discovered their own form of creative expression.

That world consists of kingdoms, creatures, realms of the unseen, villainous usurpers of the earth who superimpose their masterpiece of world order, and the keepers of all that is good, natural, and necessary to mankind, to remind them that there are powers over them that extend beyond the construct of their world order, and that there exists an everlasting source of life-energy that sets the whole universe in balance.

Such concepts as these are what inspire me to generate the ideas that make up the content of this website, as well as that which provides an endless source of free flowing abstractions of unbridled artistic expression, however guided. As I progress forward in life, I hope to portray these visions more extensively in ways that the viewer, and or, reader can experience my world from a much more tangible perspective. What I present on this website are expressions of all that flow from my imagination with respect to how I view the world and everything therein.